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The Gift that keeps on GIVING!

With Christmas around the corner and those last minutes gift ideas falling short. We'd like to share 3 gifts that will surely put a smile on your friend, family or co-workers face.

  1. The High-Free Gift Card

If you don't want to deal with mail delivery slowdowns, supply chain issues and in-store crowds then a High-Free gift card is the right choice for you! The gift card can be used on High-Free merch and our custom apparel printing services! (The gift card can be redeemed by the owner for 1 full year.) Grab your gift card(s) here.

2. The T-shirt Lover's Subscription.

This subscription is for anyone who loves t-shirts. Each month the recipient can submit a picture, text or graphic. We print and ship directly to their doorstep each month. This is such a great gift because it gives the recipient the ability to customize the t-shirt to their liking. If they want to skip a month, the credit rolls over and they can use the credit at a later date. (Their favorite sports team, movie, family event, hobby, business logo are just a few ideas of the limitless potential of the subscription.)

Sign up for the subscription here. Remember to use the recipients contact info if this is a gift.

3. The Single Custom T-shirt Order

The single order is great for those who want a custom t-shirt but won't benefit from getting t-shirts monthly like the T-lovers subscription. You would simply submit your custom order here and in 3 simple steps the t-shirt would be on it's way to your friend or family member.

Remember you can also shop High-Free Merch and our latest t-shirt "God is Real" here, it's on SALE for a limited time only!

"In a world full of fakes, rep the real one. After all he is the REAL reason for the season!"

We hope these 3 High-Free gift ideas will be helpful. They are truly the gift that keeps on giving all year!


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